Gary Nelson – Get This Book and Watch Your Kids Dominate Projects


Amazing-Science-Fair-ProjectThe Amazing Science Fair Project
Project Kids Adventures #3
by Gary Nelson

Yes it’s a kids book but it’s also a great way to teach your kids (and yourself) how to look at projects in a smart no nonsense way. Gary has cleverly snuck in some amazing tips and tools for project managers and has wrapped it up in a wonderful adventure that you and your kids will love.

Amanda was terrified. Sure, she and her friends had built a huge tree house and an awesome haunted house together – but now she was in way over her head. Those projects had been for fun – but this one was going to be marked! She and her lab partners have to do a class project for the School Science Fair – but they have absolutely no idea where to start or even what to do. Have they finally met their match?

PS: Gary is a seasoned professional project manger who speaks international on the subject.