If You Have a Dream, Then You Need to Hear This Right Now – Jeremy Cage


All Dreams on Deck
Charting the Course for Your Life and Work
by Jeremy Cage

Set sail for the adventure of your life and work!
As Katie Couric, journalist, author and Yahoo Global News Anchor attests, “Jeremy Cage has written a great book that everyone who thinks about how to better balance work-life issues would benefit from reading….he’s also shown us how to better navigate life’s personal and professional challenges.”

All Dreams on Deck will help you articulate your most important dreams in work and life and will then give you a practical approach for realizing those dreams. Through engaging, real-life examples, you will be inspired to live life to your full potential.

Author Jeremy Cage, President of the Cage Group, begins with the premise that there is no such thing as work-life balance. There is only life balance,of which work is an important part. With this as the foundation, he will guide you through a simple and actionable approach to determining the most important components of your life,the Grab Bags in your LifeBoat,then chart the course to making all the dreams in that LifeBoat a reality.

Jeremy, who has lived and worked in nine countries, has used this approach to help thousands of executives, managers, and their teams unleash their potential. He has also realized his own dreams by taking a sixteen-month sabbatical to sail around the world with his family before returning to the US to launch several exciting new companies. So rather than theoretical mumbo jumbo, Jeremy presents compelling, real-life examples of how to dream specifically, get highly intentional about those dreams, plan and prepare well then summon the courage to set sail.