John Blakey – Top Trust Secrets That Should Be Everyone’s Business


trusted-executiveThe Trusted Executive
Nine Leadership Habits that Inspire Results, Relationships and Reputation
by John Blakey and Paul Polman

The topic of trust has been a much discussed issue since the recent global financial crisis. However, the business world’s response has lagged behind, and trust in organizations and corporations remains low.

This book helps leaders create a trust-building strategy for a globalized, technology-enabled, diverse, and increasingly skeptical world. Through innovative coaching exercises, personal anecdotes, inspirational CEOs and well-researched business models, The Trusted Executive provides the tools leaders need to create a strategy for building trust in themselves and their companies.

Author John Blakey presents a three-pillared approach to trustworthy leadership based on ability, integrity, and benevolence. He explains how to develop and measure organizational trust, handle trust violations, and manage a constantly changing work environment and diverse workforce.