Welcome to Season 7

Hi Everyone,

To all my listeners I would like to shout out a big “Thank You” for supporting the show over the past 6 years. Now it’s my honor to introduce you to “Season 7” with even more great business books.

As you know I have been recording the Business Book Talk Interview show for over 6 years. I have posted over 350 book interviews to date andI’m sure the next 52 chats will be even more interesting.

Some of the authors we have had on the show in the past are:

  • Stevan Covey
  • B.J. Mendelson
  • Steve Yastrow
  • Kevin Allen
  • Robert Azelby
  • Christian A Brickman
  • Philip Kotler
  • Howell J. Malham Jr

The show features interviews with authors talking about their book or in some cases all their books. The interviews are distributed over the internet via SoundCloud, iTunes as well as to Android, Blackberry and Microsoft devices. The interviews are very casual in nature and I try and ask questions relating to businesses and how to get the most from the book. The interview will last about 45 minutes or so. Did you know we make the shows that long because the average commute time for business people is around 45 minutes.

My favorite¬†shows are like a chat over a coffee with a meandering conversation about the author’s life, theories and ideas in their book. Some times we get so rapped up with the discussion we forget we are talking about a book. Every single person who has been on the show loved the experience and I can’t wait to sit down and chat with 52 more fascinating people..

By the way, if you have any business book that you think should be on the show let us know and we will reach out to the author and invite him onto the show.

Sincerely Yours
Bob Garlick