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Contagious-Culture 2Contagious Culture
Show Up, Set the Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization that Thrives
by Anese Cavanaugh

You are about to enter a new era of leadership. With more competition, more connectedness, and more opportunities than ever before, this exciting new era demands a workplace culture that is collaborative, productive, energized, and contagious. A culture that encourages extraordinary growth and innovation. A culture that starts with you showing up, setting the tone, and lighting the fire

This is Contagious Culture, a game-changing guide to transforming corporate culture from within, developed by the award-winning creator of The IEP Method to strengthen your Intentional Energetic Presence. This is more than a leadership book this is your future calling.

Award-winning organizational advisor Anese Cavanaugh reveals the secrets of IEP Intentional Energetic Presence for transforming your workplace and your life.

The key to any company s success lies in its culture. This game-changing guide shows you how to shape and revitalize this culture by setting the tone, engaging the team, and creating a dynamic working environment that encourages growth, productivity, and innovation. It all starts with you

Contagious Culture is so much more than a leadership guide. It s a complete cultural mind-shift that s not only exciting for you and your team it s absolutely, positively contagious.

Anese Cavanaugh is an award-winning speaker, advisor, teacher, and thinking partner to some of today s most innovative organizations and business leaders. In addition to creating and teaching the IEP Method(R), she writes a regular Showing Up column on and contributes to other publications that include The Huffington Post and”