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supervision-mattersSupervision Matters
100 Bite-Sized Ideas to Transform You and Your Team
by Rita Sever

I have a lovely chat with Rita and we cover a lot of ground. Her book does the same thing and with 50 chapters it also presents a this vast amount of information in an easy to access formate. So even if your not a manager person you will definitely get some great tips and tricks form this book.

Supervision is a critical function of leadership that is often overlooked, and yet the quality of supervision is often what makes or breaks a leader—and an organization. Supervision Matters is full of bite-size ideas for how to become a more effective supervisor, including advice on how to be clear about expectations, giving helpful feedback, manage yourself, and more. Each chapter is structured around how you approach a part of your work as a supervisor: how you talk, how you think about others, how you run meetings, how you lead, and more.

Whether you’re a front-line supervisor or a CEO, this book will help you sharpen your skills and improve morale by transforming your supervision skills into user-friendly tactics that work.